The best equipment in the world can’t perform well without carefully planned expert installation. Proper installation is every bit as critical to a great performing home theater as selecting quality components. Just slapping a bunch of speakers into your walls isn’t enough. Proper positioning, adjustment and tuning of equipment as well as proper treatment of the room are essential to maximize the experience you get from your home theater.

Just because two components are compatible, it doesn’t mean they will perform well together. Each component in the audio and video chain leaves its own signature. It lends a little of its own flavor to the audio you hear or the video you see. Just like a recipe, some combinations of ingredients work beautifully together while others may be a disaster. For that reason, every Utah Theater Systems design is unique. Each component is chosen to supplement the performance of every other as well as matching your tastes as a customer. It’s a concept called ‘Synergy.’ With some clever install tricks and proper equipment selection, Utah Theater Systems can build you a home theater that performs at a level way beyond the sum of its parts.