Focal Speakers, Mosconi Amplifiers – Now @ CSD

That’s right folks! Focal makes what is considered to be among the finest loudspeakers on the market today. Their Utopia line is the benchmark by what most other high-end speaker systems are judged. And they’re now available at CSD Audio along with the full line of speakers and amplifiers from this French manufacturer.

From MobileElectronics.com:
“I’ll begin by stating that the ‘Kit No.7 3-Way Active’ set with 3-inch midrange drivers was probably the best – as in most impressively natural, accurate and articulate – sounding speaker set I’ve come across”

You’ll be able to audition these very speakers soon in the CSD Audi – Stay tuned for details on that one.

Check out their full lineup here:
More info coming soon on these beautiful Italian amplifiers…

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